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Rebel Farmer is Ed Kyrke Smith, a tree surgeon and market gardener who moved to Kent in 2016. Starting small with half an acre of pasture, the plot has developed slowly over the last two years. With additions of polytunnel and raised beds recycled using old mushroom beds sourced from the nearby mushroom farm in Bilting. Growing got serious in the summer of 2017.  


Solar panels and rain water harvesting took the plot completely off grid.  Since the start of the project soil has been made with patience using next doors horse manure, local cow manure, wood chippings sourced by Rebel Farmer and Wye Community Farm lamb bedding. No chemicals are used on the plot. 


Rebel Farmer kicked off the 2018 season by showing a large variety of tomato plants at Wye Farmers Market.  Also flourishing this seasons are various cut flowers, heritage and more unusual varieties of salad, cucumber, sweetcorn, parsnips, celery,  beetroot, peppers and lots more besides. Rebel Farmer especially likes growing varieties  you don't see in the supermarket. 


Rebel Farmer is involved in the local primary school garden at Lady Joanna Thornhill Primary in Wye. More projects are to follow so watch this space.

Rebel Farmer is also available for all aspects of tree and garden work. As with everything, sustainability and biodiversity is important. As much as possible all waste is reused as growing mediums, paths and compost.