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Rebel Farmer was set up to rebel against the normal practices of food consumptions by market gardener Ed Kyrke-Smith. The platform is used to promote and produce local seasonal food, ethically grown on a smaller scale and educate communities on growing techniques.

With a smaller, more localised consumer/producer relationship, the negative impact of farming, on the environment is reduced and a more robust food system is created.

Eight years after growing his first ever tomato, and after seven years of development from our site in Kent, Ed now speaks across the county on his learnings and passions on the subjects of sustainable growing, ethical agriculture, NO-DIG & permaculture principles.


He is at the forefront of an ethical food movement in the South East to create a bio-regional approach to growing and consuming.

In his role as a local food ambassador and ethical leader of change, he connects the dots between producers, charities and community leaders to create a robust future for local food production.

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