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Rebel Farmer is a tree surgeon by trade and a market gardener. He uses permaculture principles, No-Dig and regenerative methods to produce completely chemical free produce from a micro-farm in Kents Area of Outstanding National Beauty near the Wye Downs.


Rebel Farmer builds his own soil by composting local waste products such as animal muck, bedding and fleece, spent mushroom waste, tree chippings, oak sawdust and even the waste of local breweries.


Mimicking nature, he promotes biodiversity above and below ground by using this compost. He uses companion planting, to make the most of nature's power. This increases biodiversity and means we are able to avoid all use of chemicals.

The Rebel Farmer brand can be seen across the South East. Our main crop being salads , bespoke soil grown microgreens, heritage tomatoes and edible flowers.


Rebel Farmer promotes and educates locally on Seasonal local produce and its importance in repairing the landscape avoiding climate change and building community resilience.

We work with local chefs to provide a market garden for them, growing local seasonal fruit and vegetables to order. It's a very important relationship and one of the most rewarding things we do, as it ensures the freshest produce goes straight from plot to plate.


We sell plants locally and all pots sold are reclaimed, returnable and recyclable. All other packaging is compostable and sourced as locally as possible.


Rebel Farmer is always on hand with growing advice loves to answer questions an is available for workshops, events and as a consultant on all things green.


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