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The bee experts from Brays Bees have kindly agreed to teach us how to become bee keepers so one day we can have our own. It's important to learn from the experts first before diving straight in.

Brays delivered a swarm to REBEL HQ earlier this month. Our flowers and plants will be helping these busy bees settle in. We hope you enjoy it here guys....


Rebel Farmer hosted a networking event to discuss how local food producers, outlets and chefs can come together in ethical ways.


Dr Legumes of Folkestone rocked up and catered the event with mind blowing vegan flavours.

Thanks for joining us Kent Food Hubs, Wild Classroom. Wildbread Faversham, Aina and Nadean @Magnificent Beings.

Watch this space for lots more collaboration including lunch & supper clubs in 2022.


In 2019 we embarked on a new project - sowing an acre of heritage rare wheat on our field. Under the guidance of Andy from the Grain Alliance, we learnt a lot and managed to grow, crop and store various varieties without much use for machinery.

We planted small demo plots of Turkish wheat Sari Bugday (durum and bread wheat), Kentish Red Straw, Florence Aurora, a rivet population. Behind these some larger areas of two versions of new @brockwell_bake population "Retour" and areas of clasic local landrace milling wheats, Kent Old Hoary and Old Kent Red. To the right and broadcast then harrowed in Miller's Choice long straw milling wheat population.

With lots of help and good will we are so pleased with the results, that we are doing all again!

No nasty pesticides, just rain and love and now we have rare wheat flour destined to be made into the most amazing bread by Wildbread Folkestone.

Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who helped with the project.


Cocktail masters from @Little Red Door Paris, booked a team workshop with Rebel Farmer, on their way to their fantastic takeover @ Lyaness London.

Taking inspiration and ingredients from the plot, the fantastic team worked their magic to create mind-blowing cocktails for their event at Lyaness.

They were kind enough to put Rebel Farmer ion the menu and invite us along!

Thank you Team Little Red Door we loved having you here.


Rebel Kid enjoyed helping dad get his veg together for the Wye produce show.

We are still learning what it takes to compete against such brilliant local growers but we were happy to walk away with a decent stack of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place certificates!


11AM 1ST AUG 2021

On Sunday 1st August Rebel Farmer will be opening the Farm gates at the Willows in Brook, Kent for the annual meeting of South East Grain Alliance SEGA.

Bringing together Bakers, Millers, Farmers and other interested local groups and individuals from across the South East and South London to celebrate our heritage cereal crops and plan the rebuilding of a local grain economy in our area.


It will also be a day to practice some traditional harvesting techniques and network to discuss aspects of baking and cooking using a range of ancient and heritage grains by themselves or with locally grown modern wheats.

A farm tour with Ed will start at 10am showing us through other aspects of regenerative, small-scale agriculture at The WiIllows.

Then from 11am we will be enlisting volunteers to begin the 'reaping' on the wheat field of the individual trial plots.

From 5 pm we shall have our 2nd ever meeting of SEGA with talks from Andy Forbes and other faces of the South East Wheat world.

There will be a light meal of local produce and veg from the Rebel Farmer plot. Drinks available throughout the day. If you have particular dietary requirements there is a fridge on site so you can bring your own.


Parking will be available on the lower field just next door to Terrys Wood Farm  and outside Brook Community School just next door. TN25 5PB

Please RSVP to attend as numbers are limited -



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