We are so grateful to all our WWOOFER'S. Their efforts and skills, in exchange for experience, has enabled us to grow our business.

We currently have WWOOFER'S on site, but do check with us from time to time.


If you are local to us in Kent and interested in day volunteering, please get in touch.



"I had an awesome time staying with Ed, Cat and their son Freddy. They are very welcoming, fantastic hosts, and I had a comfortable caravan to stay in. I learnt a lot from Ed about permaculture. He grows an extraordinary variety of flowers, plants and vegetables and seeing the process from sowing seeds, through growing and harvesting was a great experience. They live in a beautiful part of Kent and I would encourage anyone to stay with them. There are lovely walks and villages in the area for the weekend and afternoon down time. Missing my time there already!"


"What we have found at Rebel Farmer HQ has been so much more than just wwoofing/work experience. We have found warmth, community and innovative collaboration. We started out working on the plot learning no dig regenerative agriculture with the rebel farmer Ed but have really been involved in so much more.


There are always a variety of projects going on and lots of support from the rebel family which gives anyone who comes here a sense of excitement and possibility."


"We have been involved in so many projects since being here. We have grown vegetables and flowers, mulched and enriched the soil, made compost, propagated plants and built raised beds...but then we also began foraging in the local woodlands, fermenting beverages, attending local markets, growing micro-greens, befriending robins, assisting with tree surgery and talking over the fire while star gazing through Ed's telescope."